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Les Sultanas

Hijab Magnets Green

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Say GOODBYE to Snags and Pin Holes! No-Snag Hijab Magnets are here!

Are you tired of having so many holes and snags in your hijab? Or do you frequently hurt yourself with these hijab pins?

Les Sultanas Hijab magnets are the ultimate upgrade from traditional hijab pins, which frequently snag hijabs, cause skin irritation, and limit your hijab's life cycle.

You can use our new hijab magnets to fix the hijab fabric under your chin and back of your head, or you can easily position and secure your headscarf on your clothes.

This modern scarf magnet pin is a game changer! You can easily click the scarf magnet in and apart without poking yourself!

Hijab magnets are incredibly minimal and easy to wear, with a superbly smooth surface and simple design. Our Hijab magnets will remain intact all day due to their amazing strength, it can easily hold the most delicate hijab fabric, such as Chiffon Silks and Crepes, to thicker fabrics such as Cotton Blends and Cotton Jerseys, and Modals while creating no irritation against your skin.

A Perfect Alternative To Hijab Pins!

• Super strong hold

• Nickel Free

• No snag, no skin irritation

• Available in 7 colours

• 1cm, 2 magnets