Becoming a Sultana Babe

Are you the Sultana Babe type ?

At Les Sultanas, we value diversity in many shapes or forms. We love girls who come from different countries, social background and look unique! But what we value the most is character! A true Sultana Babe is a fun, colourful sister who will be able to join a cool besties gang. Have the best personality, show your favourite pictures and we are sure you'll make the cut !


How to join the Sultana Babe team ?

• Send 3 photos (with Hijab, no makeup, no filter) at

In your email indicate :

• Your age

• Your height (cm) and shoe size

• Your nationality and ethnicity


What are the requirements ?

• Be a female above 18 years old.

• Be in Paris/IDF (France) area. Being able to access the 77 by public transportation.

• Being able to show your face on all our social media platforms, shooting photos and videos as well as interviews and more.

• You don't need to be a professional model

• All ages (+18 to +50) are welcome, ethnicities and body types.