Becoming a Sultana Babe

Are you the Sultana Babe type ?

At Les Sultanas, we value diversity in many shapes or forms. We love girls who come from different countries, social background and look unique! But what we value the most is character! A true Sultana Babe is a fun, colourful sister who will be able to join a cool besties gang. Have the best personality, show your favourite pictures and we are sure you'll make the cut !


How to join the Sultana Babe team ?

• Send 3 photos (with Hijab, no makeup, no filter) at

In your email indicate :

• Your age

• Your height (cm) and shoe size

• Your nationality and ethnicity


What are the requirements ?

• Be a female above 18 years old.

• Be in Paris/IDF (France) area. Being able to access the 77 by public transportation.

• Being able to show your face on all our social media platforms, shooting photos and videos as well as interviews and more.

• You don't need to be a professional model

• All ages (+18 to +50) are welcome, ethnicities and body types. 

Pre Order FAQ

What is a pre order?

Items labelled "Pre Order" are made in batches after the collection is dropped. There is usually a waiting time from 3 to 8 weeks (can be more due to international shipping delays). Our items are handmade in our atelier in China, this is why we need to wait until a large amount is produced before it's shipped out to France. The sooner you order your pre order item, the sooner you get to enjoy it !

Why operating on pre order?

There are many reasons why operating on pre order is best for everyone.

1. We reduce waste as we produce only what has been bought with some very little extra items. At the end of each seasonal collections, we don't have any left over, therefore, no waste.

2. Back in 2021, we used to take about 2 to 3 months to receive inventory (again, the delivery takes the longest) and we would sell out in days. Customers were constantly frustrated and some couldn't grab anything for an entire season. Since they last 6 months and it can take up to 3 months to get an inventory, it meant that we could restock only once.

Thanks to the pre order process, even if the delays are still long (and we are working on that for 2023-24), customers can pre order whenever they feel like it, no pressure, everyone can have their favourite items each season.

i ordered non pre order items, can they be shipped before?

Since we charge for shipping once, orders that contain at least one pre order items will be shipped together, once it's all ready.

If you wish to get your non pre order items before we invite you to either place 2 separate orders or to email us at in order to pay for shipping twice so we can process your order twice.

I want to cancel my pre order

Pre orders operate on a very different and complex system and cannot be cancelled after 48H. We work as fast as possible to start the productions and ship the items asap.

Placing a pre order is still an actual order and is binding. Please think twice before ordering as we have people handmaking your items and making sure everyone gets what they ordered. Cancellations create major issues.

Thank you for your understanding.

Can i return my pre order items?

Yes. If you missed the 48H cancellation window or want to return your pre order items for any reason after you received them, you can email us asap at . Please check the Return Policy page on our website to get more details on our return process.