Wintertide Dreams | Les Sultanas W22 Khimar Collection

Wintertide Dreams | Les Sultanas W22 Khimar Collection

2021 has been such a ride and we are finishing this incredible year with a bang ! We have been overwhelmed by the love our Spring and Summer collection received. We wanted to share positivity, our need for escapism, cravings for nature, softness but also princess vibes. We were so excited that you felt all of that through our collection. Summer 2021 was all about improving the brand and our products. We worked hard from August to November on the Winter collection, making sure that it would be even better than the previous one. 

What’s new with the khimars?

We improved our design by using an even more premium chiffon fabric. This textile is so luxurious we are keeping the name secret. You have been obsessed with the flow and softness  of our khimars so far but we didn’t stop there and made it better, as if it were possible ! We changed atelier to increase the quantities and shorten the restock wait. We finally cater to petite sisters with a shorter version of our super popular original design. Each colour, whether they are from our permanent or temporary collections will be available in both long and medium length from now on. We also took the time to make sure that the shorter version will fit tall sisters too. It truly is one size fits all. 



What is the collection about?

It is a collection for the romantic spirits, dreaming of escaping in nature once more. For the daring sisters craving adventures and wild lands. It is a collection for Les Sultanas, the delicate yet bold hijabis that have poetry within their modesty. 



There is something unsettling about the mountains. Their massive size, their danger yet beauty truly reminds us of the power of God. This is why it felt right for our next Khimar Collection. We wanted to show change, growth, strength but also modesty in clothing and ego. The mountains brought us back to our intentions, reminding us of how small we are. 

We were influenced by the colours of nature, the sky, the cold weather but also the warmth that comes from those cosy nights in. We wanted to translate all of that through our colour palette. Each one of them is inspired by a specific feeling or landscape. We spent months selecting the perfect shades, making sure that they would be more than just pretty colours. The beauty of this collection is that each individual khimar is gorgeous on its own but together, they tell a complete story. 

The story of our Wintertide Dreams...

Behind the theme

After a Summer in the French Alps, we quickly realised that our minds and hearts were still there. We caught ourselves dreaming of white skies, crisp air, green pine trees standing tall in the wind, our cheeks blushing from the cold and after all of that, a lovely cup of tea with some delicious Gingerbread. It is this picture that inspired our entire collection. The colours we pulled out from these emotions and feelings might surprise you but that’s the beauty of it. Each individual khimar is a piece of a complete story about our Wintertide dreams. 

So from our office in Paris suburbia, we are looking through the windows, watching the trees becoming orange and losing their leaves. Each passing day, the air becomes colder, making our minds sharper. Here we are, dreaming of a day out in the wild, surrounded by magnificent mounts, feeling small and yet at peace. 

The colour palette and its meaning


Pine green is obviously inspired by the endless views of trees, standing strong on the mountains. No matter the season, their incredibly gorgeous green colour stays consistent, never fades. We were particularly inspired by this image, praying that our modesty will remain as strong throughout the seasons. 


Grandma’s Gingerbread is the sweet and spicy food your grandmother serves you on a cosy night in with a cup of tea. It reminded us of the feeling of being loved, taken care of and of course : delicious winter food ! We had to include this deep and warm brown shade that will add flavour to any outfits. Besides that childhood memory, we particularly enjoyed the fact that Gingerbread tends to be both sweet and spicy, just like us hijabis !


Morning frost is inspired by the frozen landscape on a very cold morning. Whether you are going on a walk in the mountains, skiing or at the bus stop on your way to school, we all know that feeling of freezing cold air that turns white as we breathe out. Frost is usually associated with blue tones but we were inspired by the green aspect of it, reminiscent of the frozen grass in the morning.


Rapunzel is a very unique and beautiful flower that can be found in Summer in the Alps. We were inspired by the delicate nature of this small bloom that is reminiscent of the mountain landscapes. Rapunzel was the perfect Summer element to incorporate in this Winter collection. A secret touch of warmth disguised in a cold toned light purple. 


Winter Sunburn is the redness on your face after a long day out in the mountains. The sun warming us up while we enjoy the winter activities. It is the colour of our blushed cheeks as we run out of breath, making us look fresh and more innocent than ever. This subtle shade of brick will fit any skin tone and compliment the natural colours of our cheeks. 


Please let us know what you think about this collection, about us sharing the creative process and the BTS content. We would love to hear your thoughts !


Love, Les Sultanas team

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