About Les Sultanas

We are the cool girls.

Our beginnings

It seems quite surprising that a brand whose very essence is the group could have started with one person. It was in the spring of 2019 that the outline of what is now Les Sultanas took shape on the founder's living room table. What started out as a simple clothing purchase and resale project quickly became a passion. The quality of the products, the packaging and above all the community were at the heart of the development of the brand. It took almost six months for Les Sultanas to find its real identity, its voice and its mission: the hijab.


Our 5 values


It all starts here. We are constantly in contact with suppliers and workshops all over the world in order to provide you with the best possible hijabs. Once we are satisfied with the quality of a product, we try to do even better !



Everyday we work hard to become a more sustainable brand. It starts with biodegradable packaging derived from plants, less use of plastic, recycling and reducing waste. We also are transitionning towards more plant based, eco friendly products such as our Organic Modal Collection certified EU Eco Labels.



Les Sultanas is about Les Sultanas. We are particularly keen to develop our community around the hijab, mutual aid and sisterhood. We have big plans and can't wait to present them to you !



As a company, Les Sultanas tries to be as transparent as can be. We understand that nowadays, when customers want to fully support a brand, they need to trust it. From day one, we have always been honest about the origin of our fabrics. We produce in 2 countries : Turkey and China

China is a sensitive subjects as many customers expect business to fully boycott this country. We spent years finding the proper ateliers we could trust to make our beloved products. They respect workers rights, fair salaries and health regulations. In an effort of limiting waste, Les Sultanas produces in small batches.  

Les Sultanas is a Muslim owned, women lead company located in France. Supporting our brand is still supporting the hard work of a team full of passionate, talented muslim women. 


Above, photos of our main atelier in China. 

Les Sultanas has been involved with multiple charities in the past and present. Whether it is to pay the yearly Zakkat or to give away Hijabs to women in need. We stay particularly secretive about our charity work as we believe the best charities stay discreet and we want our intentions to be as pure as possible.