Les Sultanas SS21 collection : Can't lock Spring down

Les Sultanas SS21 collection : Can't lock Spring down



This Spring and Summer 2021 collection is very dear to us. We spent the past 6 months planning and working hard to make it happen. Covid complicated everything to the point that we thought that we wouldn’t even have a collection at all. But al hamdoulillah right at the moment when we were ready to give up, thinking it just wasn’t written for us, good things started happening. 

“Can’t lock spring down” is a message of hope and dreams. The past year has been difficult for many of us but after the rainy days comes the sun. Just like the rain makes the grass greener, we learned so much these past few months as a business, a brand but also individuals.

With this collection we wanted to focus on flowers, nature and the happiness that comes with Spring. We brought together a selection of unique and vibrant colours hoping that every single one of you wearing them will be like flowers blooming all around the world. The entire message of this collection is that good things always come. Some forces are so strong, by the will of Allah, no one can stop them. We may be in lock down, but Spring can’t be locked. The sky will become blue, the flowers will blossom and just like the seasons, this shall pass too. Stay strong in your heart and in your mind dear sister, we are right there with you. 

Let us know: what do you think about this collection ? Are you inspired by Spring and Summer seasons ? We'd love to know !


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