La vie en rose | SS23 Collection

La vie en rose | SS23 Collection

About the collection

The past few months have been extremely challenging for a lot of people on many levels. But we come out of the difficult, and sometimes lonely, winter months even stronger. This collection has been in the works for over a year now, not sure how to make it happen, we hesitated and doubted our ideas way too long. Women are capable of so much and yet, we waste so much time second guessing ourselves. 

This collection is all about celebrating women. Taking a moment to breathe and appreciate what we are about. Being a woman goes beyond wearing pink and cute food, but isn’t it nice ? Through these designs, we wanted to bring to you all beautiful ladies the perfect attires to enjoy the Spring and Summer months while fulfilling your cottagecore princess dreams. We innovated yet again by bringing a mix of embroidered tulle fabric with our famous luxurious Royal Chiffon. Thanks to those designs, we are bringing the Khimars and Jilbabs to the next level, yet again, while remaining fully modest. 

“we are bringing the Khimars and Jilbabs to the next level [...] while remaining fully modest.”

We wanted to bring back the innocence we had while playing dress up with our friends as little girls. Back at a time when no one questioned the intentions behind the outfits, because we were simply little girls enjoying wearing pretty things and cosplaying as princesses. That innocence is still part of us and we are bringing it back to the surface. For those who miss that feeling or never had a chance to experience it, heal your inner princess child through lovely attire. 

Gather your sisters in the park around simple and yet lovely food, play some card games, take photos, laugh. We are women, we are girls. We bring beauty to this world through our presence. Celebrate yourself, you deserve it. 



Behind the designs

This Spring and Summer 2023 is the first year we are introducing our mixed fabric Khimars and Jilbabs designs. Every year we try to bring something new. Last year were prints and we are still innovating as we present to you our first non floral print : pink gingham. But  the inspiration struck when back in March 2022, we saw layers of embroidered tulle over beautiful satin dresses. It left a mark in our creative director’s mind. We had to introduce it our way. We spent the next few months thinking about that idea, how we could do it while presenting the Autumn-Winter 22-23 collection. When the time came to work on prototypes for the SS23, things got challenging. 

We usually have an average of 3 to 4 line ups before picking the final colours of the next 6 months. This choice is not an easy one as there are many pretty colours out there, especially since we dye our own. But we have to stick to 5 each collection, and they have to make sense. After no more than over 10 line ups, we finally had the perfect colours and fabrics picked. This collection has been the more challenging so far and the boldest. But it is also the one we love the most. Each collection is dear to us as they have their own stories and special memories for the team, but this one is about growth, overcoming challenges and rebirth. This is also the time we chose the rebrand ourselves completely as the true cottagecore princess brand that we are. We are now transitioning into all pink packaging that matches our lifestyle better. 



This season also comes with our first time limited edition tote bag designs. After the success of our latest release back in August, the “Good Hijab Good Mood Good Day - Original” tote bag, we decided to bring alongside this collection a pink gingham version that will be available this Spring and Summer 2023 only as well as a hot pink “Modest Girls Stay Happy”. We cannot wait to create even more limited edition tote bags but also grow our permanent collection


 Studio Sultanas

This season is also the one we introduced our brand new baby sister, Studio Sultanas. This project has been a dream of ours for many years, maybe long before the actual brand Les Sultanas. Since 2021 we have been working actively to make this happen but there was always something. The success of the brand is such a blessing but also time consuming, with products being sold out constantly. It felt like we never could take some time to focus on the magazine. This winter felt like the time to do it. We pushed through, understaffed and very tired, but we made it happen. We pray that in the future for the second edition, the magazine gets only bigger and better. This will be possible only thanks to your incredible support that allows us to always improve the brand. 

We wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your understanding, patience and trust in our products. Your support has allowed us to grow and create even better collections and we cannot say it enough : we appreciate you ♥

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