"Solo Dates" AW22-23 | Behind the collection

"Solo Dates" AW22-23 | Behind the collection


There’s something about the rain. No matter the time of the year, rain feels equally the same and yet different. The sound, the smell… The moment the sky gets grey, we just want to get a nice cup of tea and curl up under some cosy covers. 

The rain has the gift to bring us back to some core memories we didn’t know we had. The feeling of waiting for the morning school bus. The sound of cars on the road. The drops hitting your umbrella. Kids laughing while jumping in puddles. The windshield making a back and forth calming sound while driving. So many common and yet special memories are tied to the sound of the rain. 

After spending Spring and Summer enjoying the outdoors, we are back at home, feeling cosy and warm. Autumn Winter are both the seasons of new beginnings but also new ends. The start of the colder months, school and the end of the solar year. It’s a great opportunity to self reflect but also get motivated on your goals whether they are academic, personal, spiritual or else.  

This collection was inspired by these moments we spend alone reading, creating or enjoying art, studying, walking peacefully. Through this collection we wanted to celebrate a time of the year that can feel lonely for some. With school or work starting again, loved ones going back home or moving on to their next project, you can be left feeling alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 


Spring and Summer are extraverted while Autumn Winter are introverted. 


When you look at the seasons as Introverted and Extraverted, you understand better how to navigate them. The best way to be happy in life is to go with the flow. Since Autumn and Winter call for calmer, quieter times, we might as well make the best out of them. With all the noise gone, it is the perfect moment to focus on yourself, on your own energy and wants. Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely and this is what we wanted to share through this collection. 

A collection made of tones that both feel very simple and calm but also surprising and loud. We wanted to bring in some essential basic colours such as browns and burgundy. But to add some *spice* with a unique shade of light blue and an elevated Royal Blue. The colour palette illustrated the comfortable Autumn warmth and the edgy cold Winter.


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