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Les Sultanas

Oversized Chiffon Scrunchie White

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Hey Hijabis! Suffering from a bad hijab day due to short or thin hair?

Welcome to your new Everyday Hijab Essential.

Oversized Scrunchies; the trend of the year is back. Our Hijab Scrunchies are the perfect throwback hijab accessory that you'll never get tired of.

These oversized scrunchies are essential to shape your hair and to get the perfect look for every day. Our 100% natural hijab scrunchies are specially designed to give a neat look to your hijab style and keep your hair in one place all day long. They are naturally antibacterial, highly sweat-absorbent, and moisture-wicking.

We have perfected the elasticity, giving the scrunchies just the right amount of stretch to sit comfortably on your hair bun!

This Is A Must-Have For Hijabis Since Our Hair Is Always Tied!

Incredibly soft to the touch and breathable for your hair all day long, our Chiffon Hijab Scrunchie adds just the right amount of volume to your Hijab Bun.

So, what’re you waiting for? Place the scrunchie in your SHOPPING CART, and we'd love to welcome you to the Les Sultanas COMMUNITY!

  • Lasts and stays beautiful for a long time.
  • Made of luxury quality fabrics.
  • Has firm and flat elastic
  • Ensures that your hair is not damaged.

NOTE: Only Scrunchie, the under scarf isn't included. This is to be worn on the LOWER part of the head.