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Why Black Jilbab is best in the Summer

Why Black Jilbab is best in the Summer

It’s pure science, sis

“Aren’t you warm in that ?”, as Hijabis we all heard that one question at least once in a lifetime. Every summer, people don’t understand how we are not suffocating under our layers. But we’re not, just like Bedouins in the desert aren’t and haven’t been for centuries. 

There are many scientific reasons why wearing black loose fitting clothes during hot weather is best. Let’s also remember that the sun is damaging to the skin and can create premature ageing as well as skin cancers. Covering up is the way to go. 

Black or white ?

There is a misconception around black colour. A lot of us, myself included for years, avoided that colour when summer came around and switched to lighter, pastel colour that felt fresh. But was it just in my head ?

White does reflect the light but will not protect you from the UV rays. Actually, the darker the colour, the stronger the protection. Also, as white reflects the light and seems to keep you cool, it does not absorb the heat coming from your body. Unlike white clothing, black absorbs everything from the sun and your body heat to then radiate it away. Therefore, black wins. 

But why a black jilbab ?

Bedouins are known to wear loose fitting black robes in the desert, completely opposite to what we would hear people recommend in western countries. 

In a study conducted in 1980 named Why Do Bedouins Wear Black Robes in Hot Deserts?” published in the journal Nature, scientists noted that “inside loose clothes, the cooling happens by convection -either through a bellows action, as the robes flow in the wind, or by a chimney sort of effect, as air rises between robe and skin”.

Therefore, a black jilbab is scientifically the best outfit to wear during those hot Summer days. It will also offer maximum modesty and was designed to facilitate adoration during the day. No need to add layers, sleeves or skirt to be able to come to prayer, you are already dressed in a way that pleases the Creator. 



Do you already own a black jilbab ? Are you now tempted to give it a try ? Let us know in the comments and share your experience with us, we’d love to know! 

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