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This is the Hijab fabric French Hijabis are *obsessed* with

This is the Hijab fabric French Hijabis are *obsessed* with

You too get that “Je ne sais quoi” 


French girls are known worldwide to have this mystical ability to look effortlessly chic. Unlike many things in France, this doesn’t exclude Hijabis. From their large choice of modest brands, unique and rare hijab fabrics, French Hijabis are holding on to their hijabs with style. Now, let’s say you want to create that effortlessly “je ne sais quoi” elegance with your outfits but don’t know how ? Well you’re in luck because your French Bestie aka me, will spill the tea for you.

Long story short : It’s Medina Silk.

You’re welcome.

What’s Medina Silk though ?

Although this fabric is called “Medina Silk” it originated from Turkey and has been made popular by French Hijabis, just like the jilbab (but that’s for another story). Turkey is known for its textile industry and its large choice of modest clothing. It is without any surprise that this gorgeous country came up with one of the most beautiful and yet low-key fabrics. The trade agreements with Europe allows for French brands to have access to the *chef kiss* quality Medina Silk. 

Medina Silk isn’t actual silk either. The name is quite misleading and we don’t know the origin of it. But this synthetic fabric will last forever (especially for the highest quality ones). Its tight weave gives it a beautiful matte and silky soft finish with little to no elasticity. This can be a challenge for beginner hijabis who want to style them but nothing major that cannot be fixed with a few pins and hijab magnets. Medina Silk is also fully opaque, even for the lightest colours such as white. 

Why do French Hijabis love it so much, then ?

The secret to French girl style is to find the perfect balance between put together and not trying to. That secret relies on great quality items that aren’t too loud. Most fabrics will work but not all of them can work for any occasions. And that is what French girls love the most : having that one hijab you can always grab and go without thinking twice about it. 

“Medina Silk is, in that way, the little black dress of Hijabs.”

Its silky texture yet matte finish allow for a maximum versatility. You can wear Medina Silk for absolutely any occasion. Such as everyday wear, work attire or even your wedding day ! We always say “when in doubt : wear Medina Silk”. 

Now sis, you know everything about French Hijabis’ style secret. It’s not about doing the most but investing in high quality material that will work for you. But most importantly, it’s going to sound cheesy but it’s real : it’s about feeling comfortable in your outfit. Nothing screams “cheap” louder than being uncomfortable. 

You know what we say :

Good Hijab. Good Mood. Good Day. 



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