Modesty is not D€ad | Winter 2022 Hijab Collection

Modesty is not D€ad | Winter 2022 Hijab Collection

Behind the theme

For this collection we were inspired by a group of people who could not be more fundamentally different than us. Punk/Grunge. What resonated with us was that the Punk/Grunge cultures were back then considered as outsiders. Young people that were dressing weirdly and against society’s dress code. 

Does it ring a bell ? 

We were just so inspired by this feeling of being seen as freaks by society and older people. But it doesn't matter how they perceive us, because we have each other. We have our own codes, our own ways that they might never understand. We go our own path and if today they  consider us stupid, dirty or disoriented, we are making History. 

There is something grunge about us. As we learn our faith, build businesses, go to school, make friends, raise children. We are an ever louder growing thud. They don't see us or hear us, although we are right there. This collection was inspired by all of these feelings. Not the music. Not the fashion. But that feeling of being an entire generation hungry for change, capable of it and ready to make it happen. 

As a French Muslim business, for the past 2 years, we received many messages and comments on social media, asking how life is for us. We never answered simply because we did not know how to approach such a complex subject which seems to us both distant and so intimate. Making a collection that means something to us felt like the right way to do so. We have been working on this collection for months now and we didn’t plan to launch at such a key moment for the French hijabi community. A lot is happening right now and the message couldn’t be more relevant. 

“Modesty is not dead” is a collection that translates all of these emotions. We didn’t want to just complain about our situation (which would be legitimate) but instead start a conversation about the past, present and future. The Punk/Grunge cultures inspired us in a sense that they were a young generation that realised that society wasn’t going right. Over-consuming, unemployment, student life etc. They felt like they didn’t belong and didn’t have many ways to express it besides their looks. Some of these kids back then were fighting against society and their elders for the rights to be themselves. When we think about that, we think about all our sisters in the world, fighting for the same thing. Fierce, determined and expressing values that are true to them. How punk is that ? Whether it is in France or the rest of the world, we have so much to say and our hijabs are our loudest allies. 

This collection is our way of speaking about our current situation. It may not be as straightforward as expected but oh well, we are Les Sultanas. We gotta bring creativity to any table ! 


About the collection

Tie and dye is a print that had its moments before in the hijabi community. We wanted to bring it back with a message, a purpose. Besides the beautiful and unique designs that come with each hijab (because yes, each hijab is unique), we wanted them to mean something to us. While the print itself and the message were quite bold, we wanted to introduce 3 basics that would be easy to style on the daily.

Since this collection is very youthful and fun, we decided to name the hijabs with words that illustrate this idea. Periodt, No cap and Sheesh are 3 colours that pretty much go with anything and while they make a statement, they are not the most intimidating tie and dye prints to start with. They can find their place in any hijabi’s wardrobe, whether she is shy or bold with her style.

We hope that you enjoy this collection for what it is : 3 beautiful prints that will add some edge to your wardrobe. And for what it stands for : a generation of young sisters craving modesty and ready to take on the world.


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