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Hijab Story | First Hijabi basketball Player of the Federal State

Hijab Story | First Hijabi basketball Player of the Federal State



Assalam aleykoum wa Rahmatullah wa Baarakatuh my dear Sultanas.

My name is Adna (@adnarejjan on IG), I was born and raised in Germany, but my parents came here from Bosnia. My hijab journey began with me doing Umrah in 7th grade over a two week break. After I came back my older sister wanted to go out with me since we hadn’t seen each other for a while. This was the moment where I started to question something. I had this weird feeling going out without a hijab after two weeks of being so close to my deen and having the best time of my life. Nonetheless, I decided to go out with a hijab, it just felt the most natural to me. My older sister, who is a hijabi herself, was so happy seeing me like that which led to us having the conversation about whether I want to start to wear it or not. I was nervous thinking about it, but that is only natural, plus it was one day before I had to go to school again. My sister however, is the best motivation and encouraged me, that’s why I couldn’t wait to wear it. My parents were unsure at first thinking I didn’t mean it. They were concerned, for a good reason.

My sister however, is the best motivation and encouraged me, that’s why I couldn’t wait to wear it.

In Germany the majority are non-muslim but that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what Allah loves. When I went to school I got some surprised faces, but not bad ones. It was just the same me as two weeks ago and only my looks changed. And alhamdulillah, I am so glad that even my non-muslim friends were so supportive of me and were ready to help me out anytime and I was even more glad and proud that I was the first one to wear a hijab at my school.

Of course when starting to wear the hijab, some things change and one of them is your wardrobe.. Some might say that this is a burden to buy fitting clothes, but to me and probably many other women that is the most exciting part of finally collecting modest clothing. Not only did my daily clothes change but I also had to figure out how I will play basketball with my hijab on.

Back then the concept of sports hijab was not widespread and by then it wasn’t known if I was even able to play with long pants and shirts underneath my jersey and I had a match waiting for me. The referee had to ask about the rules first and a few minutes later he said that not long ago it was finally allowed to wear long attire and a headscarf for basketball games. When the referee told me that I was the first to wear a headscarf at a game in my federal state, I really had the feeling of “I made it”, subhanAllah.

Allah really opens one’s doors when making duas. I wasn’t planning on wearing a hijab anytime soon, but I did spontaneously and so many more doors were opened along. Alhamdulillah I am also glad that I only had good experience with being a muslima, seeing all the younger girls in my school wearing the hijab as well. I hope for every other muslima to be able to have the most beautiful start of their own hijab journey, Ameen.


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Subhanallah this is such a sweet and touching story. May Allah swt make it easy to wear the hijab for all the sisters out there who struggle with it. Ameen


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