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Back to school must have

Back to school must have

 - By Safiya Younous

Let’s be honest, school can be emotionally, mentally and even physically challenging sometimes.


As Hijabis, we might find the everyday challenges of school being amplified for us more than other students. At Les Sultanas, we want to make sure you stay comfortable and safe while in school. 

First things first, our satin face masks are essential in keeping you safe from air radicals and germs, while at the same time, featuring an ultra-soft texture that feels so comfortable on the face. The over-the-head bands make the mask Hijabi-friendly when you are leaving the house in a hurry. Simply slip the two elastics over your head, and you can adjust the size of the elastics by sliding the rubber stopper up and down the bands. Extra rubber stoppers are included in your order with every mask purchase. 


Secondly, sis your school bag needs an update. Our durable and chic tote bag makes carrying around your school essentials just that much easier. The perfect size and the perfect design. What more do you need? 

Throw those pins away sis. Our hijab magnets have been proven to be the strongest time and time again by our customers. They really stick….get it? Pins ruin hijabs a lot faster, which means you have to keep buying more hijabs after they get destroyed. Prolong your hijab by using magnets, we know you need that money for your college tuition ;) For the ultimate comfort package, use our magnets with our premium jersey hijabs. It’s comfort galore. 


Lastly, just because school might make you feel like tearing your hair out, taking care of your hair will be that selfcare necessity you never thought you needed. Our hijab undercaps are extremely soft and comfortable around all your sensitive areas. Some undercaps can dig into your neck and leave a mark, or they can feel too tight on your ears. And don’t even get me started on that terrible feeling of an under cap being so tight that it’s pulling on your hairline. Keep all your hair tucked away with comfort, try it out.


With these four school essentials Les Sultanas has to offer, you’re on your way to student success. May Allah (swt) make you successful in all your endeavours. Ameen. 

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